Camper Envy

Camper Envy specialises in the design and construction of luxury VW campervans based on the VW Transporter T6. Camper Envy was started on the premise that Australian’s seeking a luxury conversion suffered severely from a lack of choice. The significantly more developed market in the UK and Europe offered those seeking a conversion significantly more choice, not just in convertors but more so in the actual products themselves. There are a myriad of options available.

At Camper Envy, we have and continue to, extensively research the market to source the best quality products currently available. Everything we offer is carefully selected not only because it meets our obsessively strict standards of quality and finish but also because it will work in harmony with the other products in your van to provide a flawless camping experience.

Obsessive Camper Design

Our values are clearly stated in our logo: “Obsessive Camper Design”. This obsessive ethos runs through every element of your camper. Every detail has been meticulously researched and tested. These elements are not just considered in isolation, but also how they integrate in to the package so as to provide that seamless finish and function that is associated with a premium product. Every element of your build is finished with painstakingly patient craftsmanship, our process is designed to ensure every element of every camper is perfect. This may sound difficult but when you’re wired like we are and are so passionate about what you do it’s the only option.

World Class Components

Unashamedly we source many of our components from places such as Germany, France and the UK. Why? Simply because they are better. Function, design, engineering, reliability, performance and aesthetics are all key criteria that we use to assess our componentry and we feel we can comfortably say that a Camper from Camper Envy will have the very best that is currently available in the world.

Australia is a vast, beautiful and sometimes unforgiving land. Our aim is to ensure that you and your family can explore everywhere from the beach, to the outback, to the snowy mountains in absolute comfort, style and safety. We’re experienced travellers and our years of our experience have provided us with a wealth of knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t. Every element of a Camper Envy conversion has a function and purpose.

Our Name

Finally, where did the name Camper Envy come from? “Camper envy” is that inevitable feeling that all campers suffer from at some point in their life. It mostly occurs on site, it’s that envious glance, that soon turns into a stare at the amazing camper of your dreams. The only problem is that someone else is sitting in it! Camper envy is the unavoidable effect your Camper Envy conversion will have on those around you.. Our aim as a company is quite simple, it is to ensure that you are always the subject as opposed to the sufferer of camper envy.


We source the very best components from our partners across the globe to create the ultimate camper.


At Camper Envy we pride ourselves on our service.

From the first contact our aim is to exceed expectations on every level and at every turn. We specialise in the design and construction of luxury VW campervans based on the VW Transporter T6 and will work with you to identify your specific needs and desires so as to create your dream camper conversion.  Every step of the process is handled perfectly. We exercise obsessive levels of craftsmanship and care to ensure that not only your camper is impeccable but also your experience.

We’ll be there to assist you from the very first contact, throughout the build process and beyond. The planning of your dream camper, the purchase of the perfect donor vehicle, the conversion of that vehicle into an amazing campervan, the delivery of that van and then the aftersales care and advice needed to make the most of your new purchase. During all the phases of conversion purchase and ownership Camper Envy will be there with prompt, friendly and knowledgeable advice and service to ensure that your experience is wonderful from start to finish.

Whilst we acknowledge that the quality and finish of the camper is far and away the most important part of a client relationship we aim to offer more. We strongly feel that the little touches can greatly enhance the whole and constantly perfecting every element of the process.

We feel our unique background and experience in addition to our superior knowledge of all elements of campervan conversion cannot be bettered anywhere. We aim not just to sell campers but to build lifelong relationships with our clients. We believe that every element of the process is important and as more than a little obsessed perfectionists are constantly developing our approach.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a consultation.