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“Daisy” : Ros’s Conversion

Pretty as a petal. Because of the Melbourne lockdowns Ros couldn't make it to Newcastle to select her colours. Instead Zoom and a mood board had to be the vehicle and the results are stunning. Those seats! Daisy is as functional as she is beautiful. She is also our first van to feature a microwave. The finished product is stunning, the Ascot Grey exterior being perfectly complemented by the Lagoon Blue seats and roof. Daisy's spec includes but is not limited to: [...]

“Milly” : Greg’s Conversion

This van is tough! Milly is a van that doesn't compromise, she is as tough as she is beautiful. Greg's brief was to provide a robust camper capable of taking everything he could throw at her. She has a full suite of off road accessories by Seikel, that will ensure she 's ready for some very serious touring. This is coupled with additional water storage, our very best electrics package and a crisp clean finish. The finished product is simple, beautiful, and hugely functional. In the years to [...]

“Tess” : Colin and Katy’s Conversion

This girl has everything! Tess is a one of a kind camper in nearly every respect. Colin and Katy's dreams for their perfect camper were detailed and extensive and they knew Camper Envy was the only company who could complete the brief. Three under chassis water tanks and a town supply, additional electrics, VB air suspension, bespoke seating with Bentley Portofino leather, custom cabinetry layout, overhead storage for a projector and much more. Tess has everything Colin could think of! The finished product is not only beautiful, but [...]

“Freddie” : Michael and Dale’s Conversion

T6.1 has arrived! It's been a long wait for Michael and Dale but hopefully worth it. Covid-19 put a fairly large dent in the schedule for this vehicle but this very patient couple finally has Freddie in their possession and are ready to roll the moment lockdown is over. Michael and Dale were actually down for a camper with another outfit, but when they found Camper Envy, there was no other choice but to change their order! Freddie is the first of our latest spec and it's massive. He's [...]

“Emily” : VW T6 TDI400 4Motion SWB Transporter

OUR BIGGEST EVER SPEC VW T6 TDI400 4MOTION SWB CAMPER CONVERSION When Lawson first contacted us he couldn't believe that he had managed to find a van capable of doing everything. "Emily" could accomodate his 3 children in comfort and safety with her new 5 berth layout incorporating a 130cm Scopema 3 person RIB seat/bed. Although the build was well underway when Lawson made contact we were able to fit in more than a few last minute modifications to make her completely bespoke to him and the highest [...]

“Stanley” : Justin’s Conversion

When Justin first saw Stanley it was love at first sight! Although he was mid construction Justin knew he'd found his first van. Based on a 0km late 2017 VW T6 TDI340 SWB Transporter with 7 speed DSG transmission, Stanley boasts a significant spec. Although construction was well underway when Justin decided to make Stanley his own we were able to extend the build to accomodate Justin's wishes to make Stanley his ultimate campervan. In addition to the already impressive build spec, racks for Surfboards and Mountain Bikes were added and was [...]

“Vinnie” : Mike and Katie’s Conversion

Mike and Katie, originally from the UK, arrived having a strong idea of what they wanted. Having already purchased their TDi340 LWB, they were after a conversion of the highest quality, using the European componentry they knew. But their camper had to be able to operate in Australian conditions where free camping is more common.  As essentials such as water and power aren’t as freely available, the spec was expanded in key areas. Colour was also very important to Katie, keen to avoid the masculine feel of many conversions, a bespoke neutral [...]

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