Quiet on the road, warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm

It’s fair to say that Australia is just beginning to wake up to the virtues of insulation. Good insulation is as important for your home on wheels as it is your brick and mortar. Good thermal and acoustic vehicle insulation has many benefits. Primary amongst them is greatly reduced road noise and improved thermal comfort.

The reduction in road noise not only makes the journey more comfortable allowing you to arrive at your destination significantly more refreshed, it makes it easier to communicate with other passengers particularly those in the back row. It improves the performance of your audio system and of the Bluetooth telephone conversations. It also helps to eliminate panel oscillation, something particularly relevant in the VW T6 with its large panels.

Thermal comfort is hugely relevant in the Australian climate. We are truly a land of extremes. Whether you’re trying to stay warm in the Snowy’s or cool in the NT our carefully selected and liberally applied multilayer, thermal backed, closed cell insulation will be there to assist you. Unlike the household pink batts you might find in other conversions, we’ve carefully selected products designed for automotive use that do not to sweat or retain moisture so as to keep your van in top condition inside and out for years to come.

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