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Electrics is a hugely important part of any van conversion that can often in our opinion not receive the attention it deserves. We offer choices to suit an individual camper’s needs from a basic but highly effective 12/240V installation all the way through to an off grid package incorporating the latest solar and lithium battery technology and charging systems. Our range of solutions include products carefully selected to work in efficient harmony from European market leaders Votronic, CBE and CTEK. We also utilise products from local specialist and heavyweight RedArc.

Our electrics packages incorporate items such as:

  • Euro6 compatible DC-DC charging solutions.
  • 12/240V AC chargers.
  • Premium flexible solar panels featuring the latest Sunpower Gen III cells and ETFE coatings.
  • MPPT solar charge controllers
  • 3 in 1 smart DC-DC, AC and solar MPPT charging solutions.
  • High quality AGM deep cycle leisure batteries.
  • LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate leisure battery options.
  • Power control panels for easy monitoring and control of all aspects of the system including battery levels, tank levels and solar charge rates.

With all conversions the utmost care and precision is taken in the design of the electrical system and its installation. As we only have circa 12V’s to start with we appreciate that we cannot afford to consume and of those valuable volts on poor connections, inappropriate sizing of wires or unnecessary inclusions.

Your Camper Envy camper conversion will come with a certificate acknowledging the compliance of the installation with AS3001.

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We offer unrivalled levels of choice, engineering, quality and craftsmanship. Our van gurus will guide you to ensure your camper not only looks amazing but performs to the highest levels.



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