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The floor of your van is easily the most abused part of any van conversion. The criteria we set out for our flooring materials includes not only outstanding aesthetics but it must also be extremely robust, it must be practical, durable, waterproof. It must offer ease of maintenance and slip resistance in the wet and the dry.

We have selected a range of commercial flooring that meets all of these requirements. The high quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforced material comes in a vast array of finishes to complement or contrast your other finishes. Realising the importance of colour in creating the perfect campervan environment we have available a wide variety of finishes including pale neutrals, intense shades, wood finishes and unique multi-flake decorations.

The sub floor structure is made from superior quality marine plywood and industrial strength adhesives with superior temperature ranges are used. This ensures your floor provides both superior thermal and acoustic insulation and will remain in excellent condition year after year after year.

Truly bespoke, unlimited personalisation

We offer unrivalled levels of choice, engineering, quality and craftsmanship. Our van gurus will guide you to ensure your camper not only looks amazing but performs to the highest levels.



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