Over 300 coloured, metallic and wood finishes

At Camper Envy we’re all about choice. Our competitors currently offer a very limited choice (in some cases as low as 6) of cabinetry finish. We aim to let your imagination run free with a current range of over 300 finishes. This includes coloured, metallic and wood finishes. You can then match or contrast your choice of cabinetry finish with one of our many colours of cabinetry joining blocks. These blocks are rarely seen, unless you open the cupboard and stick your head in there! But it’s this level of detail and design that drives us and we feel separates us from what is currently available in Australia.

Our plywood is poplar based and has a density of approximately 440 kg/m3, compared with around 600 kg/m3 for normal plywood, making it perfect as a weight saving option. The board we specify is 15mm nine ply versus the industry norm of five or seven ply on a 15mm board, this greatly improves screw retention and warp resistance. Our 15mm lightweight furniture ply is therefore both light and strong making it ideal for campervan conversion.

Our lightweight plywood is also finished on both sides, something our competitors can’t always say. This means that if you select a walnut finish you’ll open the cupboard and also see walnut as opposed to the melamine white that comes on inferior boards.

Truly bespoke, unlimited personalisation

We offer unrivalled levels of choice, engineering, quality and craftsmanship. Our van gurus will guide you to ensure your camper not only looks amazing but performs to the highest levels.



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