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As early as 2013 a 220 HP VW T5 cracked the lap record for utility vehicles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife – the time: 9:57 minutes. During this furious ride, BilsteinN B14 coilover systems were also on board. This may suggest that the B14 is a only for the boy-racers out there, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

With the latest B14 variation developed in Germany specifically for the VW T6, Bilstein has developed a complete package which dramatically increases driving pleasure, but is still targeted towards the everyday family user. The product offers an all-round, no-worries package. The continuously variable lowering between 30 and 70 mm allows for a heights to suit all tastes and wheel packages.

The technical advantages of the B14 are numerous. The height adjustment has been put in a floating position and the spring travel has been increased by 30 mm. This guarantees superior suspension action even after significant lowering and helps to combat rough road conditions. At the back, Bilstein uses monotube technology to make the handling calmer overall.

The B14 coilover suspension package from Bilstein produces comfortable handling and at the same time minimises lateral tilt, and pitching and rolling movements. There is significantly less “rocking movement” for the rear passengers, resulting in a significantly more pleasant journey. The setup is actually recommended for passengers who suffer from travel sickness.

In Summary the B14 produces road performance which gives a significant boost to the driving dynamics for the latest T6’s. It provides ride height flexibility as well as vast improvements in ride and comfort.

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