Suspension designed specifically for your Volkswagen

We currently offer further suspension options for your VW T6 camper from European suspension heavyweights Bilstein, Eibach and H&R. Kits range from springs only to full kits including dampers. We choose to stock these brands as they are developed in Germany alongside VW to offer the most refined and thoroughly tested solution available in the market. All items feature the highest levels of German engineering and are TUV approved.

All options are specifically selected with the effect a van conversion can have on vehicle dynamics. As an example one kit featuring a TUV approved combination of Bilstein dampers and Eibach -30mm springs lowers the front by an additional 10mm in relation to the rear to counter act what we in the industry term “conversion sag”, which is essentially the effect the weight of a conversion has on the rear of the van.

Kits are currently available in -30mm, -40mm and -50mm options or you can raise the vehicle with a +30mm option. Further raising can be achieved with a variety of off-road wheel packages that when combined with the suspension can achieves anywhere from a +50mm to +80mm level above the standard Transporter ride height.

After any adjustment to a vehicles ride height Camper Envy will have the vehicle’s geometry checked and re-aligned. This is to maintain safety and also ensure correct and even tyre wear.

Truly bespoke, unlimited personalisation

We offer unrivalled levels of choice, engineering, quality and craftsmanship. Our van gurus will guide you to ensure your camper not only looks amazing but performs to the highest levels.



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