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A brand new VWT6 camper allows for the maximum level of personalisation for your dream camper. We will source the donor vehicle from our network of preferred suppliers ensuring you get the best price. This option guarantees you get what you need in a donor vehicle but also importantly that you don’t pay for what you don’t.

When converting, various levels of Crewvan and Multivan make for good donor vehicles if financially beneficial. But if you’re starting from scratch, the easiest, best and most economic route is undoubtedly the Transporter.

Navigating the VW dealer network and online configurators can be a daunting, stressful and time-consuming task. What options do you need to make your camper functional? What options will make your final van more usable and comfortable? By purchasing a new camper through Camper Envy our van gurus can ensure that the right options are included and also that you’re not purchasing anything that might have to be removed or will go unused.

Purchasing a new vehicle through Camper Envy also ensures that the finished product is produced with a minimal amount of waste and impact on the environment, something we as a company are very conscious about.

Your new camper will of course come with the peace of mind of a full VW warranty.

Truly bespoke, unlimited personalisation

We offer unrivalled levels of choice, engineering, quality and craftsmanship. Our van gurus will guide you to ensure your camper not only looks amazing but performs to the highest levels.



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